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Access Policy

This access policy specifies information that explains the availability of the Abdellatif Ramdoun site in the domain (“Ramdoon site”) to users with different needs. This access policy covers the objectives and approach of the Ramadoun Group, and the basic functions that a Ramadon site user should be able to perform and what Ramadon is actually doing to improve access to the Abdul Latif Ramadon site.

an introduction
Ramdoun understands that many different forms of disability affect access to the Ramdoun website. A proactive approach has been adopted to improve Ramdoun’s website and the services provided through the site.

Ramdoon aims to meet the needs of users with special needs and provide information and services that are easily accessible. Ramdoun strives to move towards compatibility with the World Wide Web (W3C) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG Standard 1.0 AA). Ramdoun strives to provide a good experience for Ramdoun users with special needs.

Ramdoun’s approach to accessibility is an attempt to make Ramdoun’s website and services easy to use and understand for all users, including personalizing computers. It is known that not only people with disabilities are affected by accessibility issues. The pages of the Ramdoun website intend to be clear by providing content that is easy to follow.

Use the website
Ramdoun has been developed to fully comply with WordPress standards in terms of titles, links, and other forms of full compliance with text content, allowing all readable text from readers to be read and fonts modified on browsers that are compatible with WordPress. Ramdoun responds to both form factor and font size changes, assuming reasonable use.

Ramdoun’s website includes:

Site Map.
Contact details of Ramdounl company.
Contact details to provide feedback on improving access to the Ramdoun website.
Engage customers
Ramdoun welcomes user feedback for Ramdoun and will in the future seek to engage those users in the development and testing of new services and content as appropriate.

Alternative solutions
Ramdoun may be able to provide a formula or workaround for access issues faced by Ramdoun users. Please contact Ramadoon using the contact details below.

Compliance with standards
Ramdoon aspires to consistently adhere to the Guidelines for Accessing Web Content Standard 1.0, Level AA, and ensure that this standard is maintained once it is achieved. This standard is achieved by ensuring that the content of the Ramdoun site is clearly displayed and formulated in a way that Ramdoun believes is easy to understand and follow.

call us
If you have any questions or feedback regarding access to Ramdoun, or if you have any difficulty using Ramdoun, please contact Ramdoun at, and provide details about your application.

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