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Servicing maintenance contracts from Ramdoun International Group

Maintenance contracts

Ramdoun International Group has many industrial activities and other works such as water treatment plants, integrated irrigation systems, spray systems, water cooling and cooling towers. We also cooperate with many European, American and Arab companies regarding packaging machines.

Ramdoon Group provides annual maintenance contracts including periodic maintenance works for desalination plants, packaging plants, sewage treatment systems and gray water treatment.

Here are the details of the monthly maintenance provided by Ramdoun International

The company is repairing all the mechanical work of the stations in order to work perfectly.
Monthly visits by the maintenance team per month determined by station type.
Our company supplies the necessary filters.
Our company supplies all the chemicals for the plants.
The company inspects raw water and water produced at each visit to ensure water quality and not increase salinity.
The company trains a person by the customer on how to operate the plant and change the filters if necessary, which is the means of communication between us in case of any technical failure in the station.
In case of any emergency failure, the trained person will contact us in order to schedule a visit to the maintenance team within 24 hours. Except (Vacations).
The contract does not include the replacement (membranes), which is specific to desalination of water and usually need to change according to the amount of use of water, often ranging from six months to a year or two depending on the salinity of water in the artesian well and the amount of use, and the cost of a single membrane by size and type will be issued an invoice In case I need change.
The maintenance contract is void in the absence of a person by the customer who operates the plant after being trained by us for two days.
The maintenance contract shall be deemed null and void in the event of the use of other companies to maintain any malfunction or purchase of any spare cat from others.

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