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Our Vision – Our Mission – Our Goals


Is to become one of the leading water companies in the Middle East and worldwide. We provide our customers with the best innovative services in the field of water, water plants, designing all types of wells, sea water, gray water and wastewater plants with the latest technological capabilities.
Our Mission:
Is the transfer of our long-standing experience in order to develop water of all kinds, where we share our advantages in the field of processing all types of water plants and bottling plants with our customers and partners
Our Goals:
From the beginning, Ramdoun strives to make its goals clear and consistent, which can be summarized in the following points:
1- Raising the general level of technical solutions in the local and international market
2- Utilize all available resources to integrate all technical solutions
3- Adding value to customers and developing business and presenting them through illustrated solutions
The rapid development of water technology requires sincere and hard work. As a company specialized in this field, we always strive to strengthen ourselves and make advantages through our experience in the local, Arab and global market through successful projects in order to find the right way that suits the nature of development in the field of water treatment.
We are always doing our best to expand creativity and reach a high level in the water world.
Ramdoun Group for Trade, Industry and Maintenance started its foundation as it step by step raced the rhythm of time and embraced the clouds flash and spread without God and then the creative level reached and instilled a team spirit between management and all employees, which contributed to give real indicators for the development of the company and thus the development and revitalization of trade and economic movement in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia was a catalyst for creativity and multiple choices and the creation of a spirit of competition and reduce the potential risks, and our choices have become a glorious achievement and addresses telling the life industry.
A leading and reliable company offering the latest technologies from all over the world in (well stations – sea stations – gray water treatment – sewage treatment units – bottling plants) to provide the best solutions suitable for community members.
Excellence in providing high quality products and credibility in providing the best levels of after-sales service, product excellence and credibility of warranty, periodic visits periodically with the availability of distinctive maintenance contracts.
– Ramadon Group should be the first and leading company in the various fields of water and bottling factories.
Geographical coverage of all Arab and Western countries.
Establishing the company’s name among its customers through communication through different marketing channels.
Develop and improve the after-sales service and provide the best in order to meet consumer expectations and exceed his expectations.
– The company’s commitment to always provide the best in terms of quality, which contributes to the well-being of the community.
Free subscription to check water and schedule appointments for all customers around the world with continuous alert.
More than 90 countries in the world have been exported to.
Total reliance on the Arab industry with European and American technology from the company’s factory and all its members in the Kingdom.
Our wide, firm and long term partnership with many importers around the world.
Build a long term relationship with our customers.
Contributing effectively to the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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