Terms and conditions 


Unless otherwise stipulated in our offer or documentation, the terms and conditions of sale hereinafter apply to all services and products we commercialize. 


- With the instrument is joined a standard manual.

- From our WEB site: http://www.ramdoun.com, the user manual, if any, is available in English language or Arabic free to download.


Prices are EXW Riyadh - Saudi Arabia , validity period specified on the offer.

If any taxes are on application, the amount is calculated at the date of invoicing.

Shipment, packaging, insurance, certificates or any documents are charged as extra costs.

Minimum Order Amount: 500 SAR, EXW net price.


Delivery time is indicated on order aknowledgment, only for information purposes.

Penalties for delayed shipment may not apply.

In case of prepayment against Pro Forma invoice, the goods manufacturing is launched the day we receive the notice from our Bank; delivery time applies from this date.


Shipments are without insurance freight, under risks and responsibility of the client.

Freight insurance could be contracted if a written order is sent by the client.


We are not responsible of damaged due to the transportation; Original packing may be used.

Return of goods, only with a reference of agreement from us.

If any special packaging or/and repair after maintenance are necessary, the costs will be detailed in our quote.


Prepayment against Pro Forma Invoice by swift. The Buyer bears all the bank collection costs at his country and the Seller bears all the bank collection costs at his country.


The property is acquired once the total payment is done.

In any case our responsibility is limited to supply the instruments or to refund the prepayment.

The Seller reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts (Directives of the E.C.).


Normal period of warranty is one year date of invoicing.

Under a project number issued by us, products are returned for expertise.

The warranty is limited to replacement of defectives parts, excluded freight and packaging.


All specifics inquiries can be quoted on request.

For instance, Material Certificate: cost depends of Referring Organism.


These Terms and Conditions apply to your use of the website located at www.ramdoun.com (RGT).

By using the Ramdoun site you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions you should not use the Site.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time and you should periodically review these Terms and Conditions. We do not have to contact you or notify you of any changes made to the Terms and Conditions. Your continued use of the Ramdoun Site constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable at the time of your use of the Site.

As part of our commitment to make Ramdoun a place you would like to visit, we welcome all your comments on any of the policies or rules that we list below.

Paragraph 2

1. Definitions

“You  mail address” refers to the user of the site Ramdoun, and take into account all the expressions leading to it. “We  Speaker Format” means RGT LLC. Mail box, Adana, Turkey, and take all the expressions leading to it. “Ramdoun group location” refers to the meaning specified above. “User Information” means the personal details you provide to us through the RGT website. “Users” means site users who are publicly and / or individuals as the context indicates. “Website” means the Website on the World Wide Web. “Content” means any reviews, comments, messages, data, information, text, music, sound, image, drawing, video, symbol or other material that is transmitted to or displayed on the RGT website directly or through a third-party website. “Interactive areas” means discussion forums, bulletin boards, review services, chat, or other forums provided by the Ramdoun site and used or used by other users to post content. “Automated processing” means any robot, spider, screen scraper, data collection tools or other automated tools, routines or processes. “Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions, which may be amended or changed from time to time.

2. Legitimate use

2.1 To access the Ramdoun site, you must be at least 21 years old (according to Gregorian calendar) and have full legal capacity.

2.2 Anyone under the age of 21 (according to the Gregorian calendar) using the Ramdoun site needs the consent of their parents or guardian to do so.

2.3 You acknowledge and warrant that you have the legal right and ability to use the Ramdoun Site as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

2.4 You acknowledge that any use you make of the Ramdoun Site will be as provided in the following conditions:

(A) You will not copy, download, reproduce, republish, frame, broadcast, or transmit in any way any of the material provided by the Ramdoun website except for your personal, non-commercial home use only;

(B) abide by the specific rules that apply to any promotion in which it participates in any way through the Ramdoun site;

(C) undertake not to do anything that would affect the operation or security of the Ramdoun Site or cause irrational inconvenience, abuse or disruption of any of our other users or employees;

2.5 You agree to refrain from the following (whether you have done it personally or through a third party):

(A) use an automated process to process, monitor, copy or extract any pages on the Ramdoun Site, or any information, content or data contained or accessed by the Ramdoun Website, without our prior written consent;

(B) use an automated process to collect or combine information, content or data contained or accessible via the Ramdoun site with information, materials or data accessed by or originating from a third party;

(C) Using any automated process to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the Ramdoun site;

(D) Taking any action that would impose an unreasonably large or disproportionate load on the available infrastructure or bandwidth of the Ramdoun site;

(C) the application of reverse engineering, reverse collection, dismantling, or any other work that would detect the source code or other computational formulas or processors in relation to the computer program used in the infrastructure and operations related to the Ramdoun site; or

(H) copying, reproducing, altering, modifying, or deriving works from, or establishing a public display of, any part of the content of the Ramdoun Site without our prior written consent.

2.6 In order to access the Ramadhan site, you will need access to the Internet. You are responsible for any connection, service or charges associated with accessing the Internet and providing all necessary equipment to enable you to connect to the Internet (including computer, modem, and other devices necessary for access).

2.7 Due to the limited capacity of all servers and their use by many people at the same time, you are committed not to use the Ramadhan Site in any way that would damage or exceed the carrying capacity of our servers or any network associated with any of the Our servers. You must refrain from using the Ramdoun Site in any way that interferes with, or may reasonably lead to, any third party’s use of the Ramdoun Site in a manner that violates or is likely to violate any applicable and applicable laws, rights or entitlements of any other party. According to all applicable laws.

3. User-generated content

3.1 By submitting any content to the Ramdoun Site, you grant us a non-exclusive, free, permanent, transferable, universal, irrevocable, and sub-licenseable license to (a) use, reproduce, modify, edit, adapt, translate, distribute, and publish, And reproduce, transmit and transmit it in any way, and in works adapted from it for presentation or performance to an audience anywhere in the world and through any

3- User Generated Content

3.1 By submitting any content to the Ramdoun website, you grant us a license that is non-exclusive, free, always, transferable, worldwide, irrevocable, and sublicensable for (a) its use, reproduction, modification, editing, adaptation, translation, distribution, and publication. To reproduce, broadcast and communicate it in any way, and in works adapted from it for display or performance in front of an audience anywhere in the world and through any media, now known or created in the future; And (b) the use of the name you have provided in connection with the content. It also gives us a license to prosecute any real or legal person who violates your rights or our rights in this content. You acknowledge and agree that all content provided to the Ramdoun site by you is non-confidential and non-proprietary. It also acknowledges all things and implements all documents required to enable us and allow us to fully benefit from the rights granted to us according to the requirements of these terms and conditions.

3.2 We are not obligated, and no provision of these terms and conditions obligates us in any way to use any content. In addition, if you use the content, we are not required to perform any financial obligations towards you as a result of this use.

3.3 You are solely responsible for the use of the interactive areas and every use of them is at your own risk. By using the interactive areas, you agree not to publish, upload, transmit, distribute, store, find or publish in any way, or cause a publication on the Ramadan website, directly or indirectly, through a third-party website, any of the The following things:

(A) Content that is illegal, defamatory, defamatory, or offensive to any religious or moral group, or content that is explicit, pornographic, obscene, obscene, or contains suggestions, harassment, threats, or breach of privacy and copyright rights, Violent, allergic, fraudulent or otherwise unacceptable;

(B) Content that constitutes, encourages, or provides instructions for violating a crime, violating the rights of any party whatsoever, or causing in any way to legal liability or violating any of the local, national or international laws, including, for example, and not Limitation, legislation related to the stock market regulator in the jurisdiction in which the content was published;

(C) Content that annoys or harasses others;

(D) Content that you do not personally own without the express permission of the owner of that content;

(C) Content that may infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyrights, or other intellectual or property right of any party;

(H) Content impersonating any real or legal person or causing in any way a false claim of affiliation with that real or legal person, including us;

(G) Unsolicited promotional materials, political campaigns, advertisements, contests, sweepstakes, or the making of offers;

(D) Third-party information, including but not limited to family name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, and credit card numbers;

(Y) Viruses, destructive data, or other files that cause damage, malfunctions or sabotage;

(T) Content that is not related to the topic of the interactive area (s) in which the content is posted; or

(G) Content or links to content that we consider, based on our absolute judgment, to (a) violate any of the aforementioned provisions; (B) Unacceptable (c) Limits or prevents any other person from using or enjoying the interactive areas or the Ramdoun site; Or (w) causes us, or any of our subsidiaries, or other users to be exposed to harm or legal liability in any way whatsoever.

3.4 We are not responsible or liable for any content that users publish, upload, broadcast, distribute, store, create, or publish in any way or cause it to be published on the Ramdoun website directly or through a third party's website.

3.5 We do not bear any responsibility for any content published, stored or uploaded in the interactive areas by you or any third party, or for any loss or damages resulting from that, and we are not responsible for any errors, slander, or contempt. Or defamation, omission, lies, abuse, pornography, or insults that you may encounter while using the interactive areas. We are also not responsible for any expressions, undertakings or content provided by users in any public forum, personal home page, or other interactive areas. Although we are not obligated to be responsible for sorting, editing, or following up any of the content that is published or distributed through the interactive area, we, according to our absolute discretion, may remove, sort, or refuse to publish, or edit without prior notice, any content that has been made. It is published or stored by the Ramdoun website at any time and for any reason. Only you are responsible for creating backup copies or replacing the content that you have published or saved on the Ramadon site at your own expense.

3.6 In the event that you are found possessing any ethical rights (including rights of proportion and integrity) in the content, you, accordingly, declare that within the limits permitted by law, you (a) do not require the use of any personally identifiable information in relation to the content, Or any derivative works from it, or updates or improvements made to it; (B) You have no objection to the publication, use, modification, deletion and utilization of the Content by us or by our subsidiaries, licensors, subsequent owners or assigns; (V) You acknowledge that you forever waive and agree not to claim or assert any rights in any or all of the author's moral rights in the content or any of its parts; (W) You acknowledge that you forever exempt us and exempt all of our affiliates, licensors, subsequent owners, or assigns from any claims that you may be claiming from us as a result of having any moral rights of any kind.

3.7 Lead your use of interactive areas or other classrooms

4- Websites of others

4.1 You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the availability or content of any third-party website that you accessed through the Ramadon website.

4.2 We do not acknowledge and may not, in any way, be held responsible for any content, advertisement, product, or service found on or available on third-party websites. While adhering to the laws in force and which cannot be excluded, we do not provide guarantees, pledges, or obligations whatever (a) regarding the quality, accuracy, sellability, or suitability of the material for its purpose, and the products and services on or available through the websites of others; Or (b) that the material on or available through third-party websites does not infringe on anyone's intellectual property rights.

4.3 Any dealings that take place between you and third parties such as advertisers or merchants located on or through the Ramadon website, including payment for and delivery of products, services, or any terms, conditions, guarantees, or undertakings related to those transactions, it is between you and the advertiser. Or the concerned merchant. Accordingly, we do not bear any responsibility or liability as a result of loss or damage of any kind that occurred as a result of such dealings.

5- Intellectual property

5.1 The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all materials and content provided as part of the Ramadon site are the property of us or the licensees at all times. You may use this material or content only as expressly authorized in writing by us or the licensors. It will not, and will not, assist or facilitate the work of others to copy, reproduce, broadcast, distribute, adapt, use or commercialize the material or content, or create works based on it.

5.2 If you become aware of the existence of a distribution or commercial exploitation of any kind, you agree to notify us directly.

6 - Responsibility for and information provided by the Ramdoun website

6.1 Subject to the responsibilities established by law and which cannot be excluded, we and all of our directors, employees, agents, or contractors with us do not bear any liability towards you as a result of any losses, damages, liabilities, claims and costs (including without restriction and without Limiting the legal costs, defense fees or settlement costs) in any way or in any way, whether directly, indirectly, or as a result, arising from or due to accessing the Ramdoun site by you, or the content or website of others, Or third-party services, in any way they result, whether in a contract, harm (including negligence), law, or otherwise.

6.2 We are committed to actively striving to provide Ramadan with all forms of reasonable care. Except as required by law, we will not be responsible for the quality, accuracy, and suitability of a specific purpose on the Ramadon site, and we do not make a promise that the material contained on the Ramadon site, or any of the functions contained on the Ramadon site or any of its servers will work without interruption or delay Or it is without errors, free from viruses or software errors, or works in harmony with any other program or other material.

6.3 We are responsible for any false or fraudulent allegations we make as well as for any death or personal injury resulting from our negligence. We are not responsible for you as a result of any losses or damages that you or others may suffer as a result of using or in connection with your use of the Ramdoun site.

6.4 We are not liable to you or any other person for any loss arising from something over which we have no control. This includes failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communication lines (including telephone, cable, and the Internet), illegal access, destructive codes, theft, operational errors, or extreme or unusual weather conditions (including floods, Earthquakes, or other acts of fate), fire, war, rebellion, terrorist acts, riots, labor disputes, or other labor problems, accidents, emergencies, delays, excessive reservations, or cancellations, Or the death of a ruler, or an act of the government.

7- Privacy

7.1 Your privacy and security are of great importance to us. Some data is collected for use by the Ramadon site in order to provide online services that are provided by the Ramadon site. Ramdoun will record and track your use of Ramdoun’s website through the use of, but not limited to, short text files (cookies) and other monitoring tools and devices. Use of this data is subject to the terms of our privacy policy. This privacy policy is part of these terms and conditions and you should read it in full. In the event that you do not accept the terms in the Privacy Policy, you must refrain from using the Ramdoun site.

7.2 We acknowledge our commitment to all privacy protection legislation in force at the time of their issuance with regard to any personal information relating to you that we have collected.

7.3 You may be asked to enter information about yourself on various pages of the Ramdoun website. We undertake not to use this information that you provided to us for any purpose not included in the privacy policy, and for other than the purpose specified by each site where such information is requested.

7.4 Kindly use the feedback form on the Ramdoun website to inform us of any change in the information that you previously provided or if you wish to withdraw your consent to our use of the information you provided to us for the purposes identified or for any form of advertising communication.

8 - Safety

8.1 We pledge our ongoing commitment through our safety policy to make reliable use of the Ramdoun site available. When using the Ramdoun website, especially when using any of the interactive areas available on the Ramdoun website, you must always take the following precautions:

(A) Maintain the confidentiality of your identity. Do not give your full name, mailing address, phone number, email address, school name, or other information (except for those that we specifically request from you), through which someone may be able to know your true identity;

(B) Do not meet someone you know through the network; And the

(C) Do not respond to any messages that are hostile, rude, or unfit, or that cause you any discomfort.

9 - Compensation

9.1 You acknowledge and agree to indemnify us and / or any of the parties associated with us and our employees, directors, and employees of us and / or the parties related to us, immediately and upon request, for all claims, liabilities, losses, and costs, including legal fees arising from any breach. Or your violation of these terms and conditions or other damages arising from your use of the Ramadon website.

10 - Termination

10.1 We reserve our right to immediately terminate your use of the Ramdoun website in the event that you violate the terms of these terms and conditions, or if we believe, based on logical reasons, that you may violate the terms of these terms and conditions or if you perform a behavior that we believe, based on our absolute discretion, is unacceptable.

11 - Communication

11.1 If you want to make any comment directed to us about the Ramdoun website, or if you want to ask any questions related to this, please contact us through the pain form on the Ramadon website.

12- Availability of the site

12.1 Due to the fact that electronic services are subject to interruption or collapse, access to the Ramdoun website is only available as it is and in its current state.

12.2 We have the right, based on our absolute discretion, to impose limits or restrictions on your use of the Ramdoun website. In addition, for security purposes, for technical, maintenance, legal or legislative reasons, or as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions, we have the right to withdraw the Ramdoun site or your access to the Ramdoun site, at any time and without any prior warning from us.

13- General

13.1 nullity and others. In the event that any court or legislator decides that the provisions of these terms and conditions are void or in any way not applicable, these provisions will be canceled and canceled from these terms and conditions, while the remaining provisions in the terms and conditions remain fully enforceable.

13.2 Applicable Law. These terms and conditions and the Ramdoun website are subject to the laws in force in the United Arab Emirates, and according to their application in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and according to the laws of the Media Free Zone in Abu Dhabi. Any dispute that arises shall be subject to non-exclusive jurisdiction before the competent courts in Abu Dhabi.

13.3 Third Parties. These terms and conditions apply between us and the users. No other person is entitled to benefit from these terms and conditions. We reserve our right to perform any of our obligations, and to exercise our rights that are granted to us by the terms and conditions, through a third party.

13.4 Referral. We reserve the right to assign or in any way transfer any or all of our rights and obligations stipulated in these terms and conditions to any third party.

14 - Company information

RGT is a private commercial company-free company, it is a licensed company operating in the commercial area, registration number 00, registered address at PO Box 00, Adana, Turkey. Ramdoun, RGT Group, RGT International Group, associated trademarks, names and logos are the property of Ramadon RGT and are registered and / or used worldwide, and are used by Ramdoun RGT Free LLC. Based on a license from the Capital Water experts.