Plastic tanks four layers sizes and prices

The factory's water tank has 4 layers of thermal insulation, with the Saudi Quality Mark

Guarantee with absolute confidence: Polyethylene is the only element for the manufacture of our tanks because it has the highest international quality standards from SABIC, as it is the only material approved for storing water by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and according to European Union directives.

Polyethylene is characterized by its strong resistance to many chemicals in addition to its resistance to salts in its solid form or solution in water. (According to the attached table provided by SABIC).

Manufacturing method

Four-layer plastic water tanks use the latest global technology methods in this field by means of advanced molding technology in the design to produce water tanks from one piece without partitions, which gives the tank strength, durability and longer performance.

In addition to the latest test methods, which are carried out on molds and tanks before and after production:

Plastic water tanks are made of four layers, and each layer has an important role, which gives the tank longer performance and higher specifications.

1. The first layer (outer layer): It performs the task of preventing dust absorption and resisting the passage of rays, and it comes in multiple colors as desired by the customer.

2. The second layer (black): It performs the task of blocking all types of radiation, including ultraviolet rays, and makes the tank opaque, thus preventing the formation of any kind of algae within the body of the tank.

3. The third layer (insulation): It is made of foamed polyethylene, and it performs the task of isolating external heat and preventing it from penetrating the tank wall, so that the water temperature remains ideal during summer times.

4. The fourth layer (smooth): It is a smooth, white layer that prevents the accumulation of any impurities that may cause bacteria to generate on the inner wall of the tank, and it also resists corrosion that may occur, ensuring that the water is preserved in a healthy way and with the highest degree of purity.

100% Saudi industry

500 liter tank horizontal / vertical


1000L tank capacity horizontal / vertical


1500L tank capacity horizontal / vertical


2000L tank capacity horizontal / vertical


2500L tank capacity horizontal / vertical


3000L tank horizontal / vertical


4000L tank horizontal / vertical


5000L tank capacity horizontal / vertical


6000L tank capacity horizontal / vertical


7000 liter tank capacity horizontal


Tank capacity of 8000 liters vertical


9000L tank capacity is horizontal


10,000 liter tank horizontal / vertical


16000L / vertical tank


20000L / vertical tank


Tank capacity of 25000 liters vertical


(Full tanks warranty for 5 years)

Al-Watania tanks, Al-Zamil tanks and various other tanks can be provided

- Connecting the tank and a lift (inside Riyadh for free) - Each tank is equipped with four connectors

- Delivery time within 24 hours and according to need - Payment: Cash or check

We also have steel tanks, fiberglass tanks, and four-layer lined tanks with high quality.


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