Restaurants oil traps are circular in shape

circular oil trap

تعتبر مصائد الزيوت للمطاعم والمطابخ ومغاسل السيارات ضرورة اساسية

لذلك يبحث الجميع عن مصائد الزيوت والشحوم لحماية المطابخ والتمديدات الداخلية لها من الانسداد والتلف حيث تعمل المصيدة بنظام فصل الزيت عن الماء  ومنها مصيدة الزيت الدائرية.

و تتميز مصيدة الزيوت بتعدد احجامها وانواعها حسب الحاجة فهناك مصيدة زيوت مصنعة من الستيل , كما يتوفر مصائد الزيوت المصنعة من الفايبر جلاس.

The sizes of the oil and grease trap vary according to the amount of water consumed, reaching quantities of 250,000 liters per hour.

The installation of an oil trap on the site is very easy, as the entry and exit are connected through the drain mechanisms or by simple plumbing works.

The price of the oil trap varies according to the material it is made of, as the circular grease trap is the cheapest compared to other types, while the steel-made fat trap is the highest due to its high cost and manufacturing time.


Easy to install and maintain, it does not require any manual operation, you only need to empty the oils and impurities.

Providing types with one or two outlets for the disposal of oils up to 98%

Inlet and outlet hatches for water and oil can be provided on request



 Installation method oil trap

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Can supply to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council