About Group: 

RGT Group has been established since 1986 under the brand name RGT registered in all its branches in Syria, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries around the world.

RGT Group has a lot of industrial activities and other works and this catalog of our industrial products such as water treatment plants and integrated irrigation systems and spray systems and water cooling and cooling towers and drilling wells and industrial tools as we cooperate with a lot of European and American and Arab companies on packaging machines and all this under the roof One

RGT works on the design of reverse osmosis system plants, water filters, Ion exchange system, sewage treatment plants, sea stations, fumigation stations and other products for the local market and international markets. We also supply spare parts, and participated in many international exhibitions to show our products in international markets such as Las Fix in America and Amsterdam in Holland

Fiberglass works, fiberglass supply, installation, maintenance and operation of water and sewage treatment plants, industrial drainage, fog and spray systems, irrigation and air conditioning systems, fountains, swimming pools, water systems, water pumps, production lines, oil fisheries, electrical control panels, chemicals of all kinds, filters, cooling towers, cooling and heating water, spare parts, plumbing tools, steam and gas. All insulation is done through the company’s factories

We have implemented many projects around the world such as Africa, Brazil and the United States of America, especially in the state of Texas under the supervision of competent engineers and expertise of Arab and foreign standards.