RGT for counter air water cooling towers

Cooling towers are used across many industries and these are miniature towers

Features :

The most effective method for cooling water, using nature's special forces

We brought out the refrigerant, its low prices and efficient performance

Cooling is done simultaneously during entry and exit of water

Our towers are the best in air cooling technology

The method of working is of special nature.

Cooling towers offer the lowest prices and high efficiency

Method for cooling the water in a counter-air cooling tower

Flows are opposite the flow of air with a large area.

By direct contact between water and air,

A small amount of water evaporates, thus cooling the water in the tower tank

Accessories for cooling tower:

Service platform

Reduced noise and noise

Entrance filters

Control the water level

A tank for water cooled is made of fiber

Electric water flow valve

Options in a cooling tower:

Great design and rust-proof galvanized sheet

Professional installers and engineers team

Engineering assistance

Cooling tower - small capacity

Cooling capacity is small with a flow of about 2000 liters per hour

The tower is factory assembled and ready to work

It is optimized between designs for ease of installation

Reduced transportation and maintenance cost and less wear

Quality and reliability

Modern tools used during development and design

We have extensive field tests

Quality control is a guarantee of compliance with specifications

We have a wide service after many years of experience

Tower capacity

Various models of constellations covering large flows

The temperature ranges from the flow of water with the incoming temperature

Quality control is a guarantee of compliance with specifications

A wide range of options with the ability to manufacture multiple towers together.