Measuring devices and screens

مقياس الاملاح الكونديكتفتي  و ORP/PH

CM-230/330 Conductivity Meter/ Control


3.5-bit LCD display; open operation for range and constant check,

An additional 4-20mA standard current signal output for CM-230;

CM-330 features control function, able to set the action limit of the relay in the full-scale range, control contacts for outputs.

Conductivity Meter

Measurement range

0-20,0-200,0-2000 (u S/cm) option


1.5% (FS)


+-2×10-3”(FS) / 24h

Temperature compensation

Auto Compensation, with 25C reference  temperature

Power supply

AC 220v +-10%50Hz

Current signal

4-20MA load characteristic:<300o

Contact capacity

5A/250 AC (with resistive load)

Working conditions

Temperature: 5-45c

Working conditions

Relative Humidity: <85%

Auxiliary electrode

1.2cm-1 316L cylinder SS electrode or Platonized black plastic electric


48x96x100mm (HxWxD)

Slot dimensions for installation

45x92mm (HxW)