Multiple light fountains from RGT Global

We have a miniature light fountain in a variety of sizes with the same idea, and various sizes can be provided and moving fountains are provided

Sizes start from 1 meter and can reach 75 meters in height

The Ramdoun fountain light can jump like a bright rainbow coming out of the water and it has adjustable levels to produce arc-shaped streams of water. Water and light are combined and have different colors, shapes and can be pre-programmed. Groups of fountains can be added to pool water to become a unique display in your garden.

If you prefer to add a fountain or more to your garden, it is as small as a steel ball and is stainless and works on regular and modern water.It is available in sizes ranging from 3 meters to 100 meters and the water is lit by lamps as it is pumped from the top of the fountain .

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