Mist fog device, mist system to moderate the atmosphere, mist system to moderate the atmosphereFog System

With the advent of summer and the warming temperatures, it becomes difficult to adapt to the open and directly exposed places

Such as parks, squares and many public places, but with the fog and spray devices from Ramdoun it became possible to enjoy a moderate and comfortable atmosphere and reduce the air temperature by up to 15 degrees

يوجد هناك عدة خـيارات في تركـيـب نـظـام الضــباب فمـنها عـلى سـبـيـل المثال المعلق التقليدي أو المخفي ومنها قاعدة بخاخات تحمل عدة بخـاخات وتسمى بنـافـورة الـضـباب ومـنـها مـروحـة الـضـباب والتى تركب في الأمـاكـن المـفتوحـة والكـبيرة

Features :

Low temperature, proportionate small size, easy operation and maintenance, automatic operation

Technical Specifications:

Engine from 0.5 to 25 HP, water pump with pressure of 1000 psi up to 3000 psi

Valves, small control panel from within the device, high quality circuit breaker

Minute and second ventilation system for the fog system, easy to use operator

Box made of epoxy coated iron with 4 bases, a pressure watch for the introduction of the pump pressure

3/8 ″ pressure calibrator, high pressure tube from pump to spray pipe

Copper tube from the pump to the pressure watch


Spray sprayer, stainless steel type, with a copper bowl

3/8 ″ high pressure nylon tube

Connections for each atomizer sprayer

Available sizes:

Motor Max BarMotor Max L/MinMotor Max PSIMotor Max GPMMax PSIMax GPMModel
مراوح الرذاذ والضباب    جهاز ضباب مائي      نظام الرذاذ المائي   نظام الضباب الصناعي

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Can supply to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Installation workshops for the fog system can be provided in all regions of the Kingdom