Proforman injection machine bottles of 200/2000 ml

Ramdoun to manufacture the Proforma machine for the manufacture of water capsules by converting the raw material from (PET granules) to (Proforma) capsules according to different molds as requested by the customer, and in multiple production cards, as the machine contains 24 molds to form the performa with a production capacity of 200,000 capsules per the clock.

This machine makes capsules, using plastic granules (PET), and then works to form the manufactured capsules into bottles of different sizes from 150-2000 ml.


Production capacity starts from: 3000 bottles / hour.

Maximum capsule weight: 94 grams.

Max flask height: 35 cm.

Molds: 150 ml: 2 liters.

Electricity consumption: 65 kW.

Machine dimensions: Length 9.40 meters, width 2.50 meters, and height of 3.50 meters.

Machine weight: 22.5 tons. 

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