Pre-desalination systems

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the description:

Pre-treatment system with a reverse osmosis system (RO) through the pretreatment plants

It is the filtration method that removes many types of large impurities and by exposing them to pressure on this system, we have pure water that is free from impurities and dust, and as a result, the system is installed before any water desalination plant and before the membranes to reach the station somewhat pure water, and the system must Large bodies are not allowed to pass through the pores (orifices), but smaller ingredients such as curing solutions (such as anti-sedimentation) should be allowed. It is important to maintain the quality of the reverse osmosis membrane in this system so that it performs the task of pre-desalination by reducing the substances that can harm the effectiveness of the membrane itself. These materials may cause significant damage over time, or they may destroy the membrane completely.

تمر المياه عبر الفلاتر الرملية المعدنية او الفايبر لازالة الجسيمات الصلبة باستخدام الرمل والحصى ثم الى

الفلاتر الكربونية لازالة البقايا الكيماوية في المياه باستخدام الفحم النشط

The movement of pure water increases the ratio of water treatment to the side of the pressure membrane, which is the "osmotic pressure" by applying external pressure in contrast to the natural flow of pure water. Therefore, reverse osmosis is a process similar to membrane filtration. However, there are major differences between reverse osmosis and filtration. It is the removal mechanism in membrane filtration, so the process can achieve purity in water of harmful particles regardless of the state of the balance mechanism such as pressure effect and salt concentration. Reverse osmosis depends on the mechanism of water purity, so that the plant efficiency relates the water purity concentration, pressure, and water flow rate.

Technical Specifications:

انظمة ما قبل المعالجة يعتبر نظام ما قبل المعالجة المياه مهم جدا عند العمل مع نظام الترشيح الدقيق جدا ( NF ) او نظام أغشية التناضح العكسي  (RO) بسبب طبيعة تصميمهما الحلزوني .

This system is designed in this way to allow flow in only one direction through the system. The spiral design does not allow the return of water or return to clean its surface and remove the suspended solids. Since the accumulated material cannot be removed from the membrane surface systems they are subject to sedimentation and (loss of production capacity). Hence, pre-treatment is essential for any RO or NF system.

Processing in the SWRO system boils down to some key elements:

Solids Inspection:

Solids should be removed within the water to prevent membrane contamination by fine particles or biological growth, and to reduce the risk of damage to high pressure pump components.


بشكل عام، يتم استخدام فلاترالبوليبروبلين لإزالة الجسيمات بين 3-5 ميكرون.

Chemical injection:

To remove biological oxidizing materials, such as chlorine, they are added to killing bacteria, followed by sodium metabase sulfate to remove chlorine, which can eliminate the thin layers in the films. There is also a descaling agent, which not only kills bacteria, but prevents them from growing on the surface of the membrane.

Adjust the pH before filtration:

In the case of acidity in the feeding water, doses of acid are added to maintain the balance

Carbon dioxide cannot combine with calcium to form calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate works to reduce the situation by using the appropriate chemicals

Installing anti-scale system

Desalination plant with pre-treatment. Carbon filters for pre-treatment. Plants with treatment

RGT offers a wide range of pre-treatment solutions such as:

فلاتر كربونية للمعالجة الاولية

المرشحات متعددة الوسائط

أنظمة المعالجة بالأوزون

نظم الجرعات الكيميائية

إزالة الكبريت

المعالجة قبل التعقيم بالأشعة فوق البنفسجية

تدفق المياه الاوتوماتيكي

Degasifiersإزالة السيلكا

مرشحات الكربون المنشط

الترشيح الفائق

فلاتر إزالة الحديدالتبادل الايوني

مراحل الاستخدام

معالجة مياه الشرب

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المياه عالية النقاوةالمياه المقطره

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