Gray water treatment plants



Gray water is the water coming out of sinks, bathtubs, washing machines, and floor sinks.

Gray water takes its name from the gray it turns into after domestic or industrial use in washing

And this water is distinguished as it does not contain organic matter.

Gray water treatment plants are plants designed to recycle and reuse water in the same place or other places such as irrigation, agriculture and baths.

Gray water treatment plants have several features, including:

1- Medium size, suitable for all places

2- Reduced price

3- Low maintenance and operating costs

Where to use gray water:

Car wash stations

Household graywater treatment for shower and sinks

Industrial gray water for factories for washing water recycling

Treating rain and torrential water

The gray water treatment plants are divided into two parts according to the treatment method and the resulting water use:



Domestic graywater industrial graywater