Desalination plant flow from 750-1500 liters per day

Small commercial stations 750 ~ 1500 liters per day

RGT to produce water treatment plants for the small industrial facility or large consumption companies, restaurants and mosques, using the internationally approved reverse osmosis technology for water treatment, a small, consistent volume, with a production capacity of 750 to 1500 liters per day.


Five stages reverse osmosis system

20 ″ 5 micron sediment filter

20 ″ GAC Activated Charcoal Filter

20 ″ CTO coal block carbon filter

GAC carbon filter in line

In-line GAC Carbon

Desalination membrane (membrane)

Quarter-inch inlet valve with coupling

11 gallon tank and plastic valve

Electric water intake valve

2 pressure pump

220-24V electrical transformer

Plastic key to change filters

Plastic valve for draining salt water

Filter containers size 20 inches

High quality chrome faucet