We are the first capital experts in providing climate solutions in the Kingdom and all countries of the world and since our products were specially designed to suit your needs, now we offer you fog fans

Industrial fog fans to soften the atmosphere and enjoy the climate consisting of a group

Fog fans to cool the air and soften the atmosphere These fans are suitable for warehouses, public facilities and gathering places and are used in large places that need high energy from cold and give very high air density

So that everyone around it enjoys the pleasant and refreshing atmosphere from far distances as well

Fog fans are used to cool the air first and help get rid of flying insects secondly and get rid of dust and dirt in the air third

It is also available in different sizes ranging from 18 inches to 36 inches

To suit your needs

And it is installed on the ground or walls and can be fixed by columns

Industrial fog It is also used with a fog or spray system in addition to this quality. Capital experts provide products with the latest technologies and the finest materials and distinguished after-sales service.


  Water Mist Device Water Mist System Industrial Fog System

You can also contact us directly at the following number (0533850888)

You can also contact us directly on the following number (0533850888)


Supply to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council

 Fog system installation workshops can be found in all countries of the world