The RGT group provides the latest types of fiberglass barrier oil traps with multiple stages:

Oil and grease traps to protect kitchens and internal extensions from clogging and damage as they work

المصيدة بنظام فصل الزيت عن الماء  ومنها مصيدة الزيت الدائرية.

و تتميز مصيدة الزيوت بتعدد احجامها وانواعها حسب الحاجة فهناك مصيدة زيوت مصنعة من الستيل , كما يتوفر مصائد الزيوت المصنعة من الفايبر جلاس.

Installation is very easy, as entry and exit are connected via drain mechanisms or simple plumbing works.

The nomenclature for oil and grease traps

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We have a range of grease traps and are used in the following places: restaurants, commercial kitchens, fast food restaurants



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Can supply to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council