Lixiviat waste juicer treatment plants

The waste squeezer is a liquid that collects at the landfill in the form of a juice as a result of the accumulated waste inside the landfill, and the engineering landfill is in the form of a “bowl” that accommodates all quantities of waste inside it, and juice is extracted from it through a large tube that connects to a collection designated for juice next to the landfill.

An engineering landfill is an engineering facility consisting of a cavity of international standards, the floor of which is covered with insulating materials that prevent the leakage of liquids into the groundwater. The sap produced from the waste after treatment can be used for non-food irrigation, street cleaning, and other purposes.

Waste juice treatment methods consist of several stages

The waste leachate treatment station, or Lixiviat, is initially treated with biological treatment

Then the waste juicer is treated with a chemical treatment so that, with the initial treatment, we can reach the final sanitary treatment stage

Ramdoun International provides plants for treating waste juicers of varying sizes and according to the age of the landfill and the quality of the waste

For details, visit the company's branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a copy of the analysis of the leachate to be treated