Magnetized water

Magnetized water

Technical Specifications:

1. The highest magnetic density is to reach Gauss 2000-10000 to prevent the formation of calcification at a rate of 85%, as to prevent the formation of algae rate 95% and kill bacteria 95%

2. The minimum magnetic density is 30 gauss

3. The highest water entry temperature: 0-90 ° C (more than 90 ° C, please tell us by design)

4. The flow is 25-90 cubic meters per hour 1 ”, 11/2”. 2 ”, 12/12”

5. Equipment bearing pressure: 16bar


1. Prevent pipe clogging, build rust

2. No environmental pollution and the use of chemicals

3. Does not require electricity and lives for a long time

4. Ease of installation and small footprint

5. Treated to achieve zero emissions, it saves a lot of water

6. The descaling process can produce hydrogen peroxide and reduce bacteria levels in the water

The advantage of magnetization:

1. Agricultural lands come first

2. Chiller water system.

3. Swimming pools and waterfalls

4. HVAC system and heating systems

5. Water heaters