Industrial fog system 

Industrial Fog Systems We work with climate engineering to give you what you deserve

This technology is used specifically to solve many environmental problems related to the heat and dryness of the atmosphere, it is possible to use artificial fog technology to cool the outdoor open spaces in public places and places of entertainment.

As this system can reduce the temperature level to 15 degrees less than the temperature of the outside atmosphere.

The company has many modern fog systems, namely:

The traditional suspension, fog fountain and carries many sprays, a mist fan that is installed in open places and large areas.

We all strive to enjoy the outdoors, but the heat of the weather is a problem, and it prevents that, but with modern Ramadan regulations.

We can enjoy the best atmosphere in the swimming pool, as well as grilling the best food and in the open air inside our house ...

Our fog systems are powered by high-pressure uptake pumps, which have a pressure of up to 180 bar.

The high pressure is what helps the water to escape in the form of fog from the very small nozzles with a diameter of 1 ~ 2 microns.

As it is multi-use such as home gardens, cafes, hospital entrances, entrances to military units, poultry houses, public gardens, farms and many others.

The company also has a specialized engineering and technical team ready to carry out the necessary studies and designs for the customer to provide the necessary solutions for cooling and humidification at the cheapest costs.

We are also keen to provide technical support and periodic maintenance services for the systems that we install, with the provision of necessary spare parts and a two-year warranty period for the system.

 (The possibility of implementation, delivery, installation, training and warranty for all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world)

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