Inner filters 2 in 1

RGT to produce indoor 2-in-1 filters

Filters are made of 2 in 1 polypropylene

What is meant by 2 in 1 is that the filter container with the inside candle is in one mold, and you cannot see the inner candle except by breaking it.

And the inner candle, including 5 microns, including activated charcoal, to purify water from impurities, plankton, taste and smell


1/4 ″ 1/4 inch in and out of water

To be installed on the line

Used for water coolers with desalination

It is used as an extra stage in residential water treatment plants

النوع والموديل


RGPC- 2”x10”

T-33 GAC Filter

RGSF-  2”x10”

T-33 PP Sediment Filter

RGPC- 2.5”x20”

T-33 GAC Carbon

RGSF- 2.5”x12”

T-33 PP Sediment Filter

RGMF- 2”x10

T-33 Common Mineral Filter

RGMF- 2”x10”

T-33 Mineral Filter

RGMF- 2.5”x10”

T-33 Mineral Filter