Sand filter dispensers

RGT for sand filter dispensers


Made of PVC / ABS

High chemical resistance and pressure operation

A full range of products are available

Easy to install

We carry high pressure

High quality filtration

Easy to install

Withstand high pressure 

Bottom Distributor for 4“ Top Opening (Six Lateral Distributor Top Instal

Item NOSpecificationSuitable for Tanks
HD6260THub Lateral for 4“ Top Opening12x-16 300-400mm
HD6370/5669THub Lateral for 4“ Top Opening18x-21 450-550mm
HD6450/5670THub Lateral for 4“ Top Opening24x@600mm
HD6600/11039THub Lateral for 4“ Top Opening30x@600mm
HD6700/11040THub Lateral for 4“ Top Opening36x@600mm
HU6260/5688TBottom distribution for 4“ Top Opening12×16 300-400mm
HU6370/5688TBottom distribution for 4“ Top Opening18×21 450-550mm

Bottom Distributor for 6“ Top Opening (Eight Lateral Distributor Top Install

Item NOSpecificationSuitable for Tanks
H5673Flange Distribution for 6″ Bottom Opening30″/@750mm
H5674Flange Distribution for 6″ Bottom Opening36″/@900mm
H5675Flange Distribution for 6″ Bottom Opening42″-48″/@1000-1200mm
H5676Flange Distribution for 6″ Bottom Opening48″-60″/@1200-1500mm