Nebulizer device for sterilization

Ramdoun International Group provided sterilization device, aqueous spray device, this product to sterilize individuals before they enter the facilities

As it aims to direct self-sterilization when individuals pass through it through an effective system that external sterilization with sterile materials that are transformed into a flying spray within the target area.

The sterilizer is installed on the gates at the entrances to establishments, markets, hospitals or homes

Nebulizers are sold separately for sterilization


1 - 1 spray device

15 meters to me

8 sprays

8 spray connection

The price is 1155 riyals, including tax

2 - 1 spray device

20 meters to me

16 sprays

16 spray connections

The price is 1575 riyals, including tax

3 - 1 spray device

18 meters to me

26 sprays

26 spray connections

The price is 2205 riyals, including tax

We also have multi-use portable sterilization gates

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the size

Item No

One entrance

Single sterilization gate



Two entrances

Double sterilization gate



Three entrances

Multiple sterilization gate