Fiberglass cabinets 

Above ground and underground volumes starting from 1000 liters live 200,000 liters 25 years guarantee

Fiberglass water tanks are the way to store better, better quality and less expensive than those metal tanks that need regular maintenance. Capital experts provide its customers with the best water tanks made of fiberglass and conforming to international specifications, multiple capacities ranging from 1000 liters to 200 cubic meters in different shapes that suit all conditions (vertical and horizontal) The shape of the tank and the raw materials manufactured from it varies according to the purpose of use, of which are designated for water conservation Drinking, storing chemicals, or storing fire water. Our company also provides freight, lifting, installation and maintenance services.

Tanks specifications

The tank is made of fiberglass material, armed with polyester coated with soft gelcot material, which withstands different weather factors of humidity and temperature.

The tank is very soft from the inside, which makes it not capable of forming algae and fungi, which makes it harmless to public health and easy to clean

It is easy to repair and return to its first image when it is cracked or broken

The outer surface is almost smooth from the outside with gelcoat material

The inner surface is very smooth

The cover is fixed to the tank body in a tight manner with stainless materials, and the tank openings are factory prepared according to the needs of each customer

Special places with legs to fix the tank to the concrete base

Manufacture of tanks with special sizes and raw materials according to the required purposes

Tank features

Light in weight and easy to move from one place to another

It does not absorb heat and maintains the temperature of the water inside

The reservoir is not affected by weather factors such as rain, temperature and winds

Gelicot colors are stable and not affected by different weather factors

Fiberglass does not interact with water at all and is suitable for storing drinking water

1000L tank capacity horizontal / vertical

1500L tank capacity horizontal / vertical

2000L tank capacity horizontal / vertical

2500L tank capacity horizontal / vertical

3000L tank horizontal / vertical

4000L tank horizontal / vertical

5000L tank capacity horizontal / vertical

6000L tank capacity horizontal / vertical

7000 liter tank capacity horizontal

Tank capacity of 8000 liters vertical

9000L tank capacity is horizontal

10,000 liter tank horizontal / vertical

16000L / vertical tank

20000L / vertical tank

Tank capacity of 25000 liters vertical

Up to 200,000 liters vertical / horizontal