Cylindrical metal tank lined with glass with the possibility of installing various ceilings

It can contain or without internal metal shafts

Used for large volumes starting from 100 cubic meters

Steel glass lined tank is GLS - glass lined round water tank

And a round water tank of GLS - Glass line carbon steel

Vertical tanks above ground on a concrete base

It contains an inner layer that prevents the water from interacting with the tank body, and a layer that resists the formation of bacteria inside the tank

The surface of the tank shall be covered and be resistant to all types of internal and external water leaks

And it is resistant to all environmental factors such as sunlight, dust, rain and harmful radiation

(Fully Covered - Enamel Coating - Corrosion Resistance - Anti Bacterial - Non-Toxic - Service Life more than 30 - Easy To Clean - Easy maintenance)

The reservoir includes all construction work, including soil leveling and making a concrete base to install the reservoir on it, with an American certificate of origin and all test certificates

The guarantee of the tank from the company includes the resources and the manufacturer against manufacturing defects and installation defects for a period of two years and the service life of the concrete is 30 years

(The lifetime of the tank is 30 years) compatible with all Ministry of Health specifications, general specifications and technical industry assets

All connections of the tanks are parallel parallel so that each one can be separated and connected separately during work.

Easy to connect and maintain.

Available sizes:


the size


 100 cubic meters


200 cubic meters


 300 cubic meters


 400 cubic meters


 500 cubic meters


 600 cubic meters


 700 cubic meters


 800 cubic meters


 900 cubic meters


 1000 cubic meters


 1500 cubic meters


 2000 cubic meters


 5000 cubic meters

We also have steel tanks, fiberglass tanks, and four-layer plastic tanks with high quality