Desalination Plant Model: RGP-NRO-800GPD

Technical Posters:

 Reduce impurities 20 inch 5 cotton 5 micron

Granular or block activated charcoal filter

PVC filter pan, 20 inch, 2 pcs

Safety micro pressure sensor 0.2-5 bar

Electric water intake valve 220v 50-60hz

Engine power: 0.5 HP 220V 50-60- Hz single phase 1400-1700 rpm 370 watts

Pneumatic water pump 250 psi

The desalination membrane container is a food grade stainless steel, size 4021

The 4021 size desalination membrane is prepared for salt water

Hours pressure: high - pressure

A measure of the amount of water, salty and desalinated water

Digital index of the percentage of salts leaving the plant

PVC high pressure pipes

Automatic valve for washing the ornament membrane

Pressure Dosing Valve: 304 stainless steel

The station is equipped with a control panel made in the form of a stainless steel box of 304 caliber processor conforming to international specifications NEMA12 This panel is designed to operate on an electrical voltage of 220 volts / 1 / phase 50-60 Hz and includes all connections, electrical circuit breakers, alarms and signals necessary to control the work of the station to the fullest extent. .

Electric floats for salt and desalinated water tanks

The station is assembled with a 304 stainless steel base

Connections to and from Al-Fasha, 3/8 inch high pressure

Pump and diaphragm connections are 304 stainless steel

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