75 gallon home desalination plant with sterilization system

Water desalination plant 50-75 gallons

 Home water desalination plant from 50 to 200 gallons


Home Reverse Osmosis Desalination System 75 Gallons

5 micron impurities filter

Carbon filter

Carbon paper filter

Carbon filter in reverse

Reverse Osmosis Membrane 75 gallon Filmtech

3.2 gallon tank

Chrome faucet

Pressure pump

Pressure valve

I returned a complete installation with 5 meters of mechanisms

Long access faucet

All devices are tested and guaranteed

Complex and laboratory

UV sterilization

Technical specifications and technical specifications of domestic water desalination plants 5 and 6 stages:

1- A (5) micron cotton filter to remove impurities and dust.

2- Carbon granules filter to remove chlorine, taste and odor.

3- Carbon block filter to seize impurities and plankton larger than (1) micron and remove chlorine, taste and odor.

4- The reverse osmosis membrane (the membrane) works to reduce and adjust the percentage of dissolved salts in water, impurities and bacteria.

5- Post carbon filter to remove the final taste and smell.

6- Mineral filter and works to improve the quality of treated water by adding minerals and salts necessary for human growth and health, and there are other types for this stage.

7- A pressure tank to save and collect the water produced until it is used in a variety of sizes.

8- Pump made of stainless steel.

9- A chrome faucet.

10- Valve washing for desalination membrane.

11- The stations are automatically disconnected when there is no water in the tank, or when the station’s tank is full, or the water in the house is cut off.

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