Oil and grease traps "oil / water separator"

oil separator & grease trap

Traps of oils, grease and impurities in order to protect the environment have been approved by the World Environment Organization to protect the sewage network from blockage and are installed in all ready-made food factories, sweets, restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias, buffets, bakeries, fish shops, car washrooms, residential complexes, villas and homes in order to avoid the entry of impurities, food waste, grease and oils combined together Some of them and their accumulation in the sewage network pipes, which causes clogging of sewage pipes and the emergence of problems in residential neighborhoods and public streets, as well as the spread of epidemics and harmful insects and their spread, which requires physical effort and what led to the removal of these blockages.

Also, the oil and grease trap has proven effective in preventing these problems, as it is sealed so that insects and mice do not enter it from the openings of the public sewage networks through the internal drainage pipes of the food processing rooms.


Easy to install and maintain, it does not require any manual operation, you only need to empty the oils and impurities.

Providing types with one or two outlets for the disposal of oils up to 98%

كما انها متوفرة بنوعين : ستانلس ستيل أو فايبرجلاس

Installation places:

Underground or underground, or in some way, on the basis that the connection between the internal network and the main sewage network be.

Some sizes are available.

You can also download the catalog for other sizes.



Size : LXHXW


200 l-h


450x450x450 mm


600 l-h


750x450x450 mm


5000 l-h


1250x750x750 mm


12000 1-h


950X950X1800 mm


24000 2-h


1250X1250X2250 mm


مصايد الزيوت ستيل      مصائد الزيوت مع مخارج الزيوت    مصائد الزيوت الدائرية الفايبر

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