Oil Trap & grease trap size 100 gallon

Fifth generation Oil Trap & grease trap

Size: 100 gallons

Type: 304 stainless steel

Uses: for small and medium restaurants

Capacity: 306 liters

Thickness: 1.5mm

Control Valves:

RGT-SV model

Size 2 inches

220 V / 50-60 Hz

The brass valves empty oil and grease automatically.

As it was replaced by the manual valves in order to avoid human errors in the work.

Oil level sensor:

RGT-OSE model

220 V / 50-60 Hz

Control panel accessories and visual and sound alarm

The sensor monitors the level of oils in the trap and sends an audible and visual alarm signal through the attached control panel, which is installed at a close distance from the trap not exceeding 5-8 meters.

Heavy grease level sensor:

RGT-GSE model

220 V / 50-60 Hz