Circular oil trap size 30x30 cm
Circular oil trap
The size is 30x30 cm
The type is fiberglass
Uses for a small buffet or small cafe
The capacity is 10 liters
The thickness is 3 mm
The price includes tax
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Circular oil trap size 30 x 30 cm

Circular oil trap size 30 x 50 cm

Circular oil trap size 40 x 60 cm

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Circular oil trap size 70x 80 cm

Circular oil trap size 100 x 110 cm


More about oil traps:

Oil and grease traps from RGT It provide the latest types of multi- stage fiberglass oil traps.

Oil and grease traps to protect kitchens and their internal extensions from clogging and damage, as the trap operates with an oil-water separation system, including the circular oil trap. The oil trap is distinguished by its multitude of sizes and types as needed. There is an oil trap made of steel, and fiberglass oil traps are also available.


Installing an oil and grease trap is very easy, as the entry and exit are connected through the drain mechanisms or by simple plumbing works. Titles for different fisheries oils and grease, including regular oil trap , trap circular oils for restaurants , trap oils Viper ,oil trap, The installation of a trap oil under the ground or above ground , trap oil for restaurants multiple sizes , trap oils for restaurants Steel , trap oil and grease mechanical , trap oils electrical , trap grease to separate grease , trap fat the metal , traps oil and grease the central , the price of oil trap by type , oil traps prices variable e by type, size, material manufacturing , traps hand oils for restaurants , traps oils kitchens , culture oil for restaurants integrated.


How to install oil trap

The circular oil trap can be installed under the sump or under the ground, depending on the area you want to work on



Operation of the Circular Oil Trap

The circular oil trap is started after being connected to the entry and drain lines by filling it with pure water and then operating it in the correct position


Regular maintenance of the Circular Oil Trap

The circular oil trap is maintained every working week by discharging the oils and grease inside it, and the period can be increased according to the use of each customer, and the internal filter of the circular oil trap is cleaned on a daily basis.

Oil and grease traps are the ideal solution to protect the sewage network and have been certified by: RGT

As one of the most important environmentally friendly products, because the oil and grease trap to protect the sewage network from clogging, as it is installed in all ready-made food factories, sweets, restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias, buffets, bakeries, fish shops, car washrooms, residential complexes, villas, homes and hospitals in order to avoid the entry of impurities and food waste, oils and grease and their accumulation in The sewage network pipes, which causes the network to clog up and the emergence of problems in residential neighborhoods and public streets, causing overflowing in them, as well as spreading epidemics and the spread of harmful insects and forming swamps when rain falls, which causes material losses to the state ( as a result of continuous maintenance costs ) and health problems for the residents of the region .


An integrated system of oil trap product was created to meet all needs and to cover all groups at all levels, regionally and globally


Oil trap, which is (the checkpoint) or (oil and grease pit)

Oil and grease traps work to remove all that obstructs the flow of water within the drain, and in the beginning, they worked in a simple form in one stage to remove solid particles and what collects around them of oils, light and heavy greases


The circular oil trap works to trap food waste, separate oils, and precipitate grease, and it has several sizes.